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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Greg Nicotero Spills Insights About the Light Episode, Rick-Michonne’s Chemistry

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Greg Nicotero Spills Insights About the Light Episode, Rick-Michonne's Chemistry
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If The Walking Dead Season 7 needed a comic relief from the usual tension felt on the show, then this episode would be it. To get a peek at what was happening in this latest episode, executive producer Greg Nicotero shares some insights especially about Rick and Michonne’s relationship.

Say Yes is undoubtedly the lightest and fun episode of this season. Aside from getting a glimpse of the growth of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, we also see traces of what the world was once like; a world we so easily forget existed in all the chaos happening in the lives of our characters on the zombie apocalypse setting.

Michonne and Rick’s Chemistry in The Walking Dead Season 7

When asked about the duo who are smiling and joking, Greg says they really pushed the lighter tone really far this episode. Aside from his priority of always keeping his actors protected, he also wants them to “really explore different aspects of their characters.”

With that, Danai Gurira, the actress giving life to Michonne, is finally able to tap on her character’s more “playful side.” There is also the never-before-seen chemistry from Rick and Michonne that they have called Say Yes the “honeymoon episode” with all the rarely given smiles of the two.

But in a more serious note, the build up is really choreographed to let the users feel along with the characters that they can lose people this upcoming fight. Michonne’s realization that she could lose Rick was “just devastating” to her, and Greg wanted viewers to understand and feel just that.

The Carnival and What is Next for Sasha and Rosita

We are so used to seeing different communities and jumping from one to another. But on this episode, we are taken to a carnival, an echo of the world before all the chaos happened.

Greg says it was a very “significant reminder” that there was a world without all the “death” and “gloom” that we could possibly go back to. At the same time, it is a gentle gesture to make everyone remember what they are really fighting for – to get the “world back to some semblance of that kind of humanity again.”

As for Rosita and Sasha’s plot to play nice in order to oust Negan, all Greg has to say is that we have two strong and powerful women who will not be deterred on this journey. On how that will go down, we will just have to see on the next episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 on AMC.


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