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Boston Medical Center Receives US$25M For Drug Addiction Treatment Project

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Drug addiction has always been a problem, but it has been on the receiving end of some social stigma. However, John and Eilene Grayken have just made a massive public donation to the Boston Medical Center to further its addiction treatment projects.

A US$25M Donation From John & Eilene Grayken

According to The Boston Globe, BMC has just been generously gifted with a UD$25M donation. The same was given by billionaire investor John and his wife, Eilene. The couple disclosed that they normally donate anonymously. However, in this case, both of them agreed to plaster their names along with the money.

Their choice was not made in order for them to receive praises. Instead, they hope that it will encourage others to do the same. The Graykens understand that there is still a stigma with drugs and its corresponding addiction. But the generous couple hopes that going public will help others to make the same step.

Eilene also shared with the publication that the choice to focus on addiction treatment was a personal one. She did not want to go into detail but admitted that addiction has been an issue with their family. “It’s something that our immediate family and extended family have had experience of,” she said. “This is a disease that doesn’t respect gender, class, social status, or money. It can literally be anybody susceptible to this.”

A Drug Addiction Treatment Facility

The publication continued to say that BMC will use the money to construct the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine. BMC is already widely considered a national leader in addiction issues. The upcoming center, however, will undoubtedly help further its initiatives.

BMC is located near Boston’s notorious Methadone Mile. In this area, drug dealers openly go about their trade despite the proximity to addiction treatment centers. The main goal is to make Grayken Center a facility that will cater to drug research, treatment, training, and prevention. BMC president and chief executive Kate Walsh called the donation a game changer, as noted by The Washington Post. She stated so “because it brings addiction medicine out of the philanthropic shadows.”

Boston Medical Center Was The Ideal Choice

There is no doubt that BMS has the necessary addiction treatment experience. Last year, the medical center opened a room for drug users when it saw opioid abuse become increasingly apparent. That room was used for drug users to ride out their high. More importantly, however, it gave them the medical supervision that they needed. The goal of doing so was to prevent as many drug-related deaths as possible.


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