Dare to Dream and Regain Your Drive, Life Coach Says

Dare to Dream and Regain Your Drive, Life Coach Says
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There are times when some people dream big but tend to lose hope at some point, coming close to abandoning their dreams. Strategic business coach and First Steps to Wealth author Dani Johnson says there are ways to get back on track, beginning with nurturing the mind with positive thoughts.

Dan has been instrumental in steering many people on the path to success, whether they are eyeing better health, greater wealth, stronger personal relationships, or all of these. In her books and speaking engagements, Dani Johnson embodies how daring to dream and modifying one’s thinking can be real destiny changers.

She cited some of the factors that tend to move people further and further away from their dreams. Dani noted that “if you don’t tell your time and money where to go, it will so easily get sucked into entertainment, gas station hot dogs, Starbucks…” Other things that may bog people down are debts, bad company/friends, rejection, but these are things people can sort out and handle by resetting your mind and heart.

Tips From Other Successful People

In the foreword of her book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne mentioned that “the greatest gift” may come from the greatest despair.” Living the life that one dreams of, she noted, is within everyone’s reach. They just need to tap the power of positive affirmations. Doctors, churches, professions, even children can attract what they want by harnessing the power of auto-suggestion.

The inspiring life stories of some people can help many individuals rise from their cycle of poverty or despair and reach for their dreams. As General Electric CEO Jack Welch, once said, “Control your own destiny or someone else will!”

When dreams suddenly seem so far away, taking baby steps to overcome obstacles and inch closer to your longed for life can yield positive results. Starting each day with affirming positive attitude may set the course.

The Power of Visualization and Hard Work

Life coaches and even naturopathic doctors give their clients this helpful piece of advice: tapping the immeasurable power or force within them. When you will something to happen, and harness the unconscious self, there is a high probability that good things will happen. Coupled with hard work, people can achieve what they may not have thought possible, given some limiting life circumstances or factors.

Envision abundance and put a vast amount of emotional energy behind that thought, and you amplify the power of it further, eventually reaping it.  Afflicted with illness but always thinking you can get better? Chances are, you will.

It is like the forces of the universe tend to conspire to make certain things happen for people who use positive affirmations. Dani Johnson further adds that though some blunders and setbacks may hinder or discourage you from going for your dreams, you can get back that drive, and unleash the adventurous spirit you have within you.

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