This Is How Your Fashion Choices Can Affect Your Career and Well-Being

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It does not require a fashion expert to know that your fashion choices can affect not just the way you present yourself but also the way you feel. Moreover, it can boost (or hinder) your success in life. But it is actually not that complicated to dress up to success with some little takeaways to keep on your sleeve.

Clothing Choices Matter

Life coach and best-selling author Dani Johnson says 93 percent of conversations do not happen verbally. That is why it is really true how first impressions always last especially when you can already communicate just by your looks, body language, and aura which reveal your personality and values.

There is a reason why we dress smart for a job interview: we want to look professional. We want to show our potential bosses that we put an effort into our professionalism – from how we look to how we perform.

That easily translates to channeling our goals in life. If we want to be successful in our careers, can we achieve that by dressing like we just got up from bed?

Of course, the way you look is not all that matters, but how you leave an impression does. And your fashion choices in a day can greatly affect how you feel, so that creates a domino effect into your whole well-being.

Clothing choices have evolved from essential items to keep us warm in the primitive times to today’s social marker. And as horrible and reasonable as it might be, we human beings are visual creatures and we judge a book by its cover.

How To Dress Up Properly

In order to be the person you want to be, you have to dress the part first. With today’s fashion industry, it is easy to get lost in all the clothing chaos. But when you are well-armed with knowledge, you can easily emerge a winner.

There are actually only two steps to dressing up the right way. First of all, you have to explore. And second, you break the rules and be who you are.

Having an inspiration and being open-minded will let you make choices freely. Study the styles that catch your eye and understand what it is that makes you like them.

Next, when you have narrowed down your choices, let who you really are shine through. The point here is that you do not have to splurge in a whole closet’s worth of new clothes. You just have to toss away those that do not speak you (including those you swear you will eventually use one day) and keep the ones that channel your individuality.

You just have to remember that you are you, not Beyonce or Kim Kardashian or anyone else. How you dress defines you as a person that will reverberate on your career as well. That short moment you use to consider the clothes to wear will underscore the message you want to get across not just about how you feel about yourself but also on how others perceive you.

There is time for everything. Sometimes, days call for lazing around with yoga pants and sweats. But when we go to the church, we should be put together in front of the Lord.

Moreover, fashion choices should transcend trends. Not just because it is “in” and everyone wears it does not mean it is what is right for you. Highlight your individuality and stand out in the crowd with the unique person that you are who is guided by God.

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