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Mark Zuckerberg Allegedly Put 100 Employes on ‘Lockdown’ to Finish Facebook Live in 2 Months

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Mark Zuckerberg Allegedly Put 100 Employes on 'Lockdown' to Finish Facebook Live Rollout in 2 Months

Many are pleased with how Facebook Live, the social media’s live streaming platform, is so convenient and efficient in connecting with followers through videos. To get this quickly available to everyone, Mark Zuckerberg apparently put employees on a “lockdown” to finish the project immediately.

Facebook Live, Pronto!

Facebook Live is actually not that new. In fact, it was made available since August 2015. But at the time, only high-profile users can access the platform with a wider rollout in the following months for iPhone and Android devices.

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, a product executive informed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a February 2016 meeting that 70 percent of the live video trial users are actually under the college and high school-aged groups.Tthe majority of them, meanwhile, are reportedly African-American teenagers. And most of them are quickly hopping over to Snapchat, an image-messaging application.

With that, Zuckerberg decided to prioritize the launch of the video product in a rushed project. To be able to do that, 100 employees were reportedly under “lockdown” for two months in order to make Facebook Live available to everyone worldwide by April 2016.

However, aside from the stress brought to the company by the hurried project (where other companies usually allocate years for major product launches), the quickened timeframe may have also exposed flaws that have to be ironed out. For instance, Facebook has not drawn a clear line on when to censor violence on the camera.

There have been acts of violence caught on Facebook Live ranging from murder, suicides, and even beatings like that of a mentally disabled teenager from Chicago in January. The company also received criticisms after removing controversial videos.

One example is the July live video of a Minnesota woman who recorded her boyfriend dying from being shot by a police during a traffic incident. In response, Facebook said the video’s removal was due to a technical glitch and not editorial choices, which was later restored.

So, what is Facebook Live?

Almost a year after Facebook Live launched globally for everyone, most of us are already familiar with this live-streaming game. But for those who are living under a rock, it is never too late to get to know this powerful social media feature.

In a nutshell, Facebook Live lets you stream yourself and whatever you are doing wherever you are in the world live to your fans and followers worldwide. What makes this feature really exciting is how you can connect with your followers more personally since the platform is innovatively interactive.

Viewers of your live video stream can submit comments and ask questions as they watch, which you can answer and address (and even ignore, if you want) real-time. Basically, it makes you communicate with your followers in a two-way process instead of just having a monolog in front of the camera.

There are also additional features that include control over who you allow viewing your live streams. Additionally, filters and current emotions can be added to add a quirkier personality to your videos.

But while these are useful for entertaining things like live makeup tutorials and even prompt TV show or movie reviews, ill-intentioned content has also managed to crawl their way into the video service. At least 50 crime incidents were allegedly viewed from the Facebook Live platform which Mark Zuckerberg and the team would have to immediately address.


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