NASA Releases Free Software From Its Catalog; Here’s What You Should Check Out

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NASA Releases Free Software From Its Catalog; Here's What You Should Check Out

NASA has released a wide array of free software download just up for grabs for those who are interested. This remarkable availability is made possible to activate innovation that would open avenues to the creation of jobs, improvement of the economy and even saving lives.

As part of NASA’s Technology Transfer Program, they have released the 2017-2018 software catalog. It contains a number of software that is available to be downloaded for free without any royalty or copyright fees.

There are 15 categories for the wide range of technical applications at hand with some of them being released publicly for the first time. Each category (varying from business systems, data processing and/or storage, operations, propulsion and even aeronautics) contains dozens of downloadable software.

Kinds of Software Available

So, what are the types of free software download you might want to try? There are actually a lot to choose from.

As expected, the software is hugely embedded and coded in the style of NASA. That is why, if you are on the lookout for exploring the space and heavenly bodies, flying (and building) your own drone or satellite, and even doing the process of hiring NASA-esque, there is a software that has got you covered.

Meanwhile, there are more tools that a layman can use, too. For instance, you can play a Unity-based Spacewalk game with simulations of different scenarios of extravehicular activity by International Space Station (ISS) astronauts. It is playable online either through MAC or PC.

There are also massive 3D models, images and textures collections to be used for educational and personal purposes. Additionally, an iPad application called Glenn Research Center: The Early Years gives users a tour of the research and development facility circa 1941 and 1979.

If you are interested in browsing the software catalog of NASA, there is no need to feel intimidated since each catalog entry is coupled with a description written in a plain language of what it does. As a headstart, you can also head on over to the list of NASA’s top 20 requested software titles.

The Purpose Behind the Launch

Even though most of the free software download available is for launching spacecraft and the like, options for tinkerers and just curious people, in general, are also free to grab. Purposely, there is actually a reason behind the release of the compilation.

According to NASA’s associate administrator for Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), Steve Jurczyk, it is their “way of supporting the innovation economy.” In the long run, the access of these tools could create channels to “entrepreneurs, small businesses, academia and industry” from “today’s aerospace professionals.”

With the free software download, anyone with the idea and skills has the opportunity to create something wonderful. And with NASA’s aim to maximize the world’s benefit through granting public access to these catalogs, mankind has lurched one step nearer into another breakthrough.


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