Man Who Prays for Others Is Free from Pain After 60 Years of Agony

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Larry has suffered for six decades but in God’s time, he is finally free from pain. His story shows us how thinking about and praying for others can come back to reward us especially when we do not ask for anything in return.

Years of Agony

Some childhood stories always stay with us, but Larry had a very painful reminder of a children’s play that went wrong. When he was only 10 years old, he received a punch from a man.

Larry shares it was because of a snowball fight that one kid had the idea of throwing ice balls at a car that accidentally hit the man’s face instead. Since he was the last one to scatter around, he was caught to accept the forceful blow.

Afraid that he would get in trouble if he told his parents, Larry kept the incident a secret. Unbeknownst to him, the hit has punctured his jaw. And for many years, he lived through the very sharp pain that he could not even do as simple a thing as yawning, or else his jaw would pop.

Despite it all, he did not think much about it. It was in 2015 while he was being fitted for dentures that he discovered his jaw had been broken after being hit when he was still a child. He even said that he just “assumed all these years that it was a problem with my wisdom teeth.”

After that, the pain almost became unbearable that he would wake up in the middle of the night because of it. That was when a thought, which he believes came from God, occur to him: “to pray for other people.”

Free From Pain After 63 Years

With that, Larry prayed for other people every time he watches The 700 Club. And then one day in 2016, Larry said Terry had a word of knowledge to pray for someone who has “a problem with your jaw, and it’s out of alignment.”

Larry said he thought it was nice because he knows how painful it felt. So he just “kept praying for that person.”

Come morning, he was surprised to notice that the pain was gone and he could move his jaw effortlessly. “The Lord healed me,” he thought. And that was when he realized it was him – the person he prayed for, and he did not even do it for himself.

For 63 years, Larry suffered through the pain. But in the end, he proclaims in “God’s good time, things come together just right.” One thing to note, though, is that He is always there with us through thick and thin.

When we do good things for other people, it comes back to us tenfold. The Lord is a God of justice and He will show mercy to anyone who surrenders to him and help them be free from pain.

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