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Conquer Rugged Terrain With the Mercedes G-Wagon Behemoth

Conquer Rugged Terrain With the Mercedes G-Wagon Behemoth
PHOTOGRAPH: MOTOR1 | The Mercedes G650 Landaulet at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

German automaker Daimler AG has unleashed an “insane beast” that is part of its ultra-luxury Mercedes-Maybach line. The G650 Landaulet is touted as a very special all-terrain vehicle priced at a jaw-dropping  €630,000.

An epitome of world-class automotive engineering, the Landaulet has had its first set of adoring car enthusiasts who were able to test-drive it. It is a transformation of the iconic Mercedes G-class and packs the features of a limousine along with SUV specifications.

Passengers in the front area comfortably sit under a typically closed roof, but people in the rear are under a folding roof that can open to give them a clear view of the sky. Apart from the usual thermal cup holders and entertainment provisions, passengers are ensconced in luxury as they relax in individual seats with inflatable air chambers that offer lower-back support. There is even a massage program that lends the feel of a hot-stone massage.

Vehicle production was limited to 99 units (a jacked up amount) and will not be sold in the U.S. The upper-crust buyers will get a superlative V12 engine churning out 630 horsepower and 738 pounds per foot of torque, plush interiors, massive space, an amply padded top that can be lowered electrically in a few seconds, and more.

 The glitzy yet sporty Landaulet is an awesome addition to the Maybach line, which saw a revival in 2015 following a hiatus. The new Landaulet is an eye-riveting enhancement the basic G-wagon, with a wheelbase stretched to 22.8 inches, and first class rear seats were thrown in for good measure.

Daimler AG’s Vision

Daimler AG tweeted, “Hot AND Cool. Our design language has re-defined tradition for over 130 years.” The statement triggered reactions that included “fabulous” to “hot and Cool and polluting,” to which the company replied that with carbon dioxide emissions of 397g/km, the vehicle is “good for the environment!”

The company also announced that by 2025, it will have 10 fully electric vehicles rolling off its assembly plant. In that sense, it has ensured that it will not fall by the wayside as other big car makers adopt the trends of the future.

Other Sleek & High-Tech Luxury Cars

As for car buyers who prefer high-tech sedans to ultra costly SUVs,  the objects of desire for 2017 range from the Tesla Model S to the BMW 5-Series and the Audi A4, to the Cadillac CT6. All these cars are packed with tech features.

Tesla considered the new self-driving hardware. The BMW 5-Series, on the other hand, has dynamic cruise control for speed hovering between 19mph to 130 mph, plus Active Lane Keeping Assist so the car will not drift. The 2017 Audi A4 commands attention and is a great drive, given its adaptive cruise control for speeds up to about 40 miles per hour.

Meantime, the technologically advanced 2017 Cadillac CT6 powered by a 3.0-liter V6 twin turbo engine delivering 404 horsepower is equipped with OnStar connectivity that provides 4G LTE connectivity for up to seven devices.


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