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Tinder Select Isolates crème de la crème From General Population

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Tinder select
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More bad news for those hopeless romantics who aren’t getting lucky in the Tinderland. Tinder Select – a subdivision of Tinder – separates the elite from the plebeians.

Excuse my French, but Tinder has common folks’ contempt. The most popular dating app makes a move reminiscent of apps like The Large or Raya. Even though the “Select version” is part of the original application, not everyone can access it. Not if you don’t have the invite.The crème de la crème comprising of celebrities, CEOs, models and A-list actors can partake in

The crème de la crème comprising of celebrities, CEOs, models and A-list actors can partake in a much-filtered results catering to their ornate fixations. The option is more or less a hush-hush affair, despite being in existence for six months now.

Tinder Select

As a source reveals to TechCrunch, “it’s for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.”

Besides, there are no on-paper selection criteria to avail the “Select option,” but it works on a nomination basis. In other words, a member chosen by the organization can nominate another person. However, the nominated person cannot nominate anyone else, thereby preventing the expansion. Genius, if you ask me.

Contrary to the conventional orange color interface, the “Select version” has a navy blue one. Tinder wants to cut more slack to the elite, be it, but why the hush-hush? When reached for a comment, representatives of Tinder kept mum about it. It is important to note that they didn’t denounce the claim.

Turns out, Tinder’s “Elo score” might be the deciding factor to make it to Select’s cut. Case in point, “Elo score” is an algorithmic rating that picks up thousands of signals from the user’s activity. Once the desirability factor reaches a pre-set level, the users are likely to receive a “Select update.”

Even the interface for that matter has some changes as opposed to the original interface. Instead of a Tinder flame at the top of the app frame, Tinder Select comes with a letter ‘S’ in blue color. As per the reports, the interface seems marginally better than the conventional app interface.

The Endgame

Whatever Tinder has in its agenda, it doesn’t make it any easier for the common folk. If you can splash some cash, Tinder can stretch your boundaries and give more super-likes. Beyond that, you are on your own. The one percent Select-users can bask in their self-righteousness, but hey, it’s a small world out there!

The privileged ones will still stoop down to commoners’ realm once they run out of options. On the side note, it’s in the best interests that the other 99 percent get back to their swipe-right or swipe-left dilemma. Welcome to the brave new world.


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