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Uber Faces Further Backlash As Sexual Assault Charges Go Public

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Uber has been in the light of controversy over the past few months. This has largely been due to the company’s unpopular stands on current US politics. The most recent incident has been women riders deleting the app from their smartphones.

Uber’s Sexual Harassment & Sexism Cases

As The Guardian has reported, a former engineer of the company recently went public with disturbing stories. These mainly involve how executives of the ride-hailing company have been sexually harassing its female employees. Moreover, she claimed that there has been gender-based discrimination as well. And while these reports were apparently filed to human resources, they have rebuffed over and over again. Uber has hired former US attorney general Eric Holder to review the claims.

The new issue has moved more people to permanently #DeleteUber from their smartphones. The project began trending last month because of several criticisms posted against Uber.

Personal Stands

Alyson DeNardo told USA Today that Uber is one of her most used applications. Nevertheless, hearing about sexual assault charges pushed her to remove it. “I was outraged as a customer using their product and significantly concerned for every woman who works [there],” she said. “I refuse to support a company that actively puts the performance of their company over the well-being of their employees.” DeNardo is the head of public relations and social media for Justin Kan Enterprises.

She went on to confirm that she now uses Lyft instead for her ride-hailing needs. DeNardo even shared that she finds it difficult to find anyone that openly admits they still use the services of the San Francisco-based company.

A Controversial History

This is far from the first time that Uber has been under a negative light. The public first started to delete the application when the company refused to honor the one-hour work stoppage in New York. The ac was meant to be a stand against President Donald Trump’s immigration order.

The backlash continued to grow when executive Travis Kalanick refused to step down from his position on Trump’s administration. He was part of the economic advisory council. However, Kalanick has since resigned from the position.

Is #DeleteUber Doing Anything?

According to the publication, Uber is still the most popular ride-hailing service application. Despite the negative public portrays of the company, it has stayed the priority. There is definitely still time to repair the damage to its reputation. The numbers from the earlier #DeleteUber boycotts have bounced back since January.


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