Mayo Clinic Braces For Massive Expansion

Mayo Clinic Braces For Massive Expansion
PHOTOGRAPH: Christo and Melissa Philips | The Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic, the nonprofit medical practice and medical research group with a campus in Arizona, Florida, is embarking on a massive expansion. Recently, it announced another major construction project on its Florida campus, with a hefty investment of $70.5 million.

The expansion covers the addition of four floors (to total five) to the Mayo Building South and remodeling of the existing space in the Davis Building. The project will add 80,000 new square feet and renovate 40,000 existing square feet. The expansion is expected to be completed by 2019.

A Long Tradition of Excellence

While the Mayo Clinic physical structures are vital to the organization’s professionals and staff members, the company is also noted all over the world for being an accessible site that can dispense good health-related advice. These range from treating a common cold to pregnancy care, to symptoms and remedies for a wide array of disorders/diseases.

The Florida campus building expansion will include:

  • Space for cardiovascular, cardiology and cardio-thoracic surgery program areas
  • Expansion of the pain rehabilitation programs and spine center
  • More surgical rooms
  • Equipment and space to create a molecular imaging center for radiology
  • Laboratory expansion

Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, former director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine, and now vice president at Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus, stated that in order to solidify the organization’s position as the premier medical center in the Southeast, it plans to recruit the brightest people and improve technologies, apart from significantly expanding  space. At Mayo Clinic, genomic, or individualized, medicine is providing a wide range of therapies that are tailored to each person’s genes. It’s no small feat.

Modernizing Saint Marys Campus in Rochester

A related news is the plan to modernize the Saint Marys campus in Rochester to ensure world-class facilities for patients. Up to $217 million has been earmarked for the said Saint Marys Campus modernization, while also relocating and upgrading the Cardiac Surgery facilities.

During the later part of this year, a $5 million expansion and renovation of Mayo’s orthopedic sports and medicine clinic will commence, alongside efforts to expand Mayo’s hospital surgical suites in Mankato. Staffing changes will follow expansion work on the Mankato and Florida campuses.

Given an increasingly complex patient population, rising inpatient volume and the need for the highest level of safe, efficient and affordable care, the fresh inflow of funds will be able to address such myriad concerns. The expansion thrusts also signify that the hospital and medical research group continues to grow with the expanding needs of an increasing client base. The total infrastructure investment to improve the Mankato and Florida campuses, as well as the Saint Marys Campus in Rochester, runs up to $458 million.


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