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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Morgan Actor Lennie James, Showrunner Scott M. Gimple on Morgan Back to Killing

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 has been a big one for a certain character – Morgan. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple and Morgan actor Lennie James talks about the actions of the Peaceful Warrior and what is next for him.

Bury Me Here was a chaotic episode in the Kingdom. If you have not watched the episode yet, steer your eyes away as spoilers are to follow.

Morgan Drops His ‘No Kill’ Rule

Morgan abandoned his “every life is precious” philosophy to straight-up murder deceitful Richard. The Kingdomer planned to steal a cantaloupe in order to get himself killed and set things in motion for King Ezekiel to finally fight the Saviors. However, his act led to the death of another Kingdomer instead: Benjamin.

Morgan figured out Richard’s ploy and confronted him with it. The encounter led to Morgan throwing out his philosophy out the window and killed the deceptive former ally. According to Scott M. Gimple, Morgan has, in some way, fulfilled Richard’s plan yet he was “driven by anger.”

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Lennie James admits his character Morgan is someone who “has no great plan” up until it becomes inevitable for him right at the end. James feels like Richard saying no to Morgan’s question of whether he has “told them” was the last straw for him.

But James adds that he thinks until that point where Morgan steps forward to drop Benjamin’s stick and hit Richard with his own, he is “hoping that he doesn’t have to do it.” Regarding that time Morgan accidentally called Benjamin as Duane, James says he had to take it with trepidation in a way that his character is taken by surprise at “how far backward he’s gone.”

What is Next for Morgan?

Towards the end of the episode in The Walking Dead Season 7, Morgan was seen sharpening his stick and killing zombies not out of mercy this time but with anger. While viewers might be excited that the “badass Morgan” is back, it is in some ways sad for the character; which showrunner Gimple agrees with.

Gimple says he thinks it is a “tragedy” for Morgan to be “right back in that position” of killing people which he tried to run away from. Meanwhile, James says it is up for the viewers to decide whether Morgan is “a man in torment,” “a man confused,” or even “a man who’s finding some kind of clarity.”

At the end of the day, part of the beauty of The Walking Dead Season 7 is how not just the plot moves forward but the characters grow and evolve as well. Lennie James warns everyone to “fasten your seatbelts” as there are more transitioning and evolving to come.


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