‘The Bachelor’ Couple Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi on Thoughts About Bachelor Curse

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'The Bachelor' Couple Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi on Thoughts About Bachelor Curse
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The Bachelor has just ended and Nick Viall has just proposed to now-fiance Vanessa Grimaldi. With all the things that have happened, many are curious what the two are up to now and what their thoughts are about the so-called Bachelor curse.

Nick and Vanessa Optimistic Against Bachelor Curse

Not all relationships after The Bachelor ended with a happy ending after the big finale. Nick and Vanessa, the latest couple from the reality dating show, are aware of that fact; but they chose not to get affected.

The 29-year-old teacher by profession told E! Online that in any relationship, whether it started from a dating game show aired on TV or not, has “the fear that it might not work out.” Vanessa, instead, shares about the “great thing” she and Nick have which is “openness and the communication and the willingness to understand each other.”

Meanwhile, Nick Viall says relationships are hard in general. He adds that “most relationships fail in the real world.” But the 36-year-old software sales executive says they are aware of how their decision is “a leap of faith.”

To the show’s credit, the recent couples from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, like JoJo Fletchers and Jordan Rodgers; Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins; and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, are still happily together and yet to be wed. Even Nick admits that The Bachelor “had a pretty good run.”

However, he shares they will not compare themselves to the couples who worked out and the couples who did not. He confesses they will just see what happens but they are “very optimistic.”

Facing Social Media Scrutiny

Meanwhile, for Vanessa who is a newbie in The Bachelor world, Nick says he gave her a heads up on what their relationship will be like “social-media wise” before they got engaged. Vanessa is adjusting, though, and spills that their love story has been televised so “it’s normal to get criticism” and “to get people who are very optimistic about it.”

As of now, the two are on very busy schedules. Nick is now doing preparations for his debut in Dancing With the Stars and grooming line called The Polished Gent while Vanessa has her hands full with a recent fashion campaign partnership with Tempt Brands.

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are not neglecting time with each other, though, as they were recently spotted on a double date with fellow reality dating game show stars and couple Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins. With the two couples together, they surely had a fair share of exchanging tips, similar experiences and well wishes for each other.


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