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You Can Grow Organic Food with Herbert’s Indoor Farming System Combined with Hydroponics

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Organic food will soon be easily grown indoor with the new technology named Herbert. The hydroponic system combined with smart technology makes gardening simpler and more efficient without needing much space.

Growing plants is a challenge. Not everyone has a green thumb, not everyone has the space to grow a garden, and not everyone has the luxury to monitor the plants at all times. This green dilemma will soon be remedied by the team of researchers led by Alexander Penzias and Alvaro Lobato-Jimenez.

In-Door Farming Made Easy

Herbert is the hydroponic vertical farm for everyone’s home. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil and instead uses mineral nutrient solution from the water solvent. It works well compared to soil-grown plants since it grows in a nutrient solution with a perfectly balanced pH that is delivered directly to the roots in a highly soluble form.

The latest technology makes indoor farming even simpler. These are the only steps to follow:

  1. Put a seed on the biodegradable sponges (which will be provided) and place it in a pot.
  2. Lay the pot with the special seed caps on Herbert. Wait until you see a seedling sprouting.
  3. Add water every one to two weeks and fertilizer every three to four weeks.

Because the tech features a strong LED light, you can grow organic food at any time of the year inside your home. In one machine (which you can choose from to have a beechwood or poplar finish), 15 plants can be grown.

Harvest More and Faster

The mechanism behind the indoor farming is so much more efficient than the traditional ones. In fact, you can harvest up to 40 percent faster.

For example, a fresh head of lettuce can be harvested in just four to five weeks as compared to the two to three months using the conventional method. With that, it is possible to collect up to 80 to 90 lettuce heads in just one year every four to five days.

Having your own garden also gives you the peace of mind of knowing where your food came from. There will be no worries of preparing food with GMO, pesticides or herbicides. Moreover, you can reduce food waste which fills the majority of landfills since you can just gather your yield anytime you need them.

The future of indoor farming for fresh organic food, from vegetables, herbs, and fruits like strawberries, is made efficient and simple with Herbert’s vertical garden. Aside from needing less space, the tech can also beautify your homes as it was designed aesthetically.



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