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This New Tech Can Let You Convert Your Traditional Bike to an E-Bike in 60 Seconds

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A traditional bike and an electric bike have their own pros and cons. With the latest technology called UrbanX Electric E-Bike, though, there would be no need to choose just one since it only takes 60 seconds to turn your bike from traditional to electric and vice versa.

Transform From Traditional To Electric in a Minute

Sometimes, bikers do not want to fully dive into an electric bike because it lacks the power and performance they are used to. But there are also times when an electric bike’s efficiency comes handy. The UrbanX can make the two ends meet.

Since it fits with almost every bicycle in the market – like BMX, mountain bike, beach cruiser, and more – it will not be hard to find a product for any type of biker. Additionally, there will be no need to have the usual electric bike design that does not suit some biker’s taste.

The cost is dramatically cut down too since electric bicycles usually come pricey. The UrbanX, meanwhile, can let you convert the bike you already own with the plug-and-play tech.

Moreover, there is no need to fully invest into just one type of bike since you can easily choose three riding styles. You can go in a full-electric mode to let UrbanX do all the work or use the pedal-assist mode where your bike can determine how fast you pedal and choose out of UrbanX’s three levels to activate. Of course, you can also opt to pedal normally just like a traditional bike.

How To Install

Installation for the front bike wheel is really easy. The only tools you will need is a wrench, a screwdriver and a minute of your time. Here are the three easy steps:

  1. Replace the front bike wheel with the UrbanX Electric E-bike.
  2. Secure the throttle to the handlebar.
  3. Connect the wheel to the throttle cable.

When your bike needs to recharge, you can just swap out batteries in a single click. With that, you can conveniently stash an extra battery pack and use the compact one-click removable battery.

What UrbanX Can Do

The UrbanX does not compromise its superior hardware with power and performance. Its weight, which only adds 15 pounds (7 kilograms) to your bike, is cleverly designed not to interrupt the bicycle’s performance. It is worth noting that this already includes the motor, spokes, rim, tire and battery.

You can also run a range of 30 miles with its maximum speed of 20 mph. The e-bike is so convenient that you will not really feel any drastic changes from your usual biking experience.


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