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Here’s How Ocean Medallion of Princess Cruises Will Give Guests a Very Personalized Experience Onboard

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Here's How Ocean Medallion of Princess Cruises Will Give Guests a Very Personalized Experience Onboard
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Princess Cruises is launching a new technology that would help guests have a more personalized experience while onboard the ship. From getting notifications of latest activities to having their wants and needs met without asking for it, the medallion will do it.

Roots of the Initiative

Mofilm, a creative agency, is assigned for the ad campaign of Princess Cruises’ initiative named Ocean Medallion after being awarded the project. Meanwhile, media will be handled by the Omnicom-based agency.

The project is going to be digital video-focused according to Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises’ president. Starting from the ship Regal Princess, the tech is geared to roll out on the company’s hundreds of sister-brand ships.

What is Ocean Medallion?

The new tech is a quarter-sized medallion that is envisioned to be carried around by the guests inside their pockets or be worn as a necklace or wristband. It will send them alerts about different activities on the ship based on their preferences from a survey that the guests will take before boarding the ship.

Swartz says there will be sensors around the ship in areas that “create friction” based on their studied customer journey. He adds this will allow the creation of “ecosystems that deliver personalization at scale in terms of experiences.”

The medallions, which will be given to the guest before they embark on the ship, are used to help customers get the best out of their experience without the need for using their phones. Some guests would want to get disconnected from the digital world while on their journey but other must-know activities keep them from doing that; which the Ocean Medallion will fix.

Swartz shares people will not have their eyes glued on their phones thanks to the medallion with sensor-based technology which would enhance the guests’ experience. Since it is data-based, the system can easily transfer information to the staff about a guest’s usual preferences. For instance, if a guest takes soy latte every morning, Swartz says they will be able to say, “Would you like your morning latte?”

Of course, guests can also choose not to bring the medallion to the cruise in case they feel too monitored with it. A thorough explanation on how the tech will enhance their experience will be provided, though.

Princess Cruises will not stop there, though. Aside from getting alerts for activities like yoga, pilates, shopping events and whatnot, guests will be notified of “surprise-and-delight moments” such as randomly serving “warm cookies and milk” at any time of the day.


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