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‘Outlander’ Season 3: Sam Heughan, Steven Cree Reaction on Fan’s Bizarre Tattoo; Filming Update

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'Outlander' Season 3: Sam Heughan, Steven Cree Reaction on Fan's Bizarre Tattoo; Filming Update
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Outlander Season 3 is yet to return but it is already a show that is inked on a fan’s heart, literally. One fan of Sam Heughan and Steven Cree got their faces tattooed on her chest forever to prove her devotion.

Marked For Life

We already know the fans of Outlander is unstoppable and low-key taking over the world. One fan caught the stars’ attention as she inked the faces of Sam Heughan and Steven Cree as their characters Jamie Fraser and Ian Murray’s faces, respectively, in front of the Midhope Castle.

It was Steven who first took notice of the photo which he immediately tweeted to Sam and wrote, “There are some things in life you just never expect. Having your face tattooed on someone’s boob is one of those things.” Sam, upon seeing the shot, let his cheeky side took over.

The actor replied with an incredulous expression whether it is Steven’s boob. He then replied back that no, he has got a tattoo of Sam on his a**. He even added, “Don’t pretend you don’t know that” to which the fans enjoyed witnessing the two’s banter.

Outlander Season 3 Filming Update

Meanwhile, the stars of Outlander are reported to wrap up filming this June to make way for their September return for the third season. This season will be based off from the third book, Voyager, written by the best-selling author Diana Gabaldon.

The late release for this year is to make way for bigger and more aggressive scenes since this book’s scale is “immense” according to Carmi Zlotnik, Starz’ programming president. In order to give the viewers the best show, they have pushed the premiere to be able to film with intricate detail for their 13 episodes this Season 3.

Apparently, they have just started filming in Africa where they transferred to from their Scotland camp to shoot sea voyage scenes. Last March 10, Outlander’s executive producer Matthew B. Roberts tweeted an update of an “Africa hot” weather. He also detailed that it was the show’s read-through day.

The shows’ lead stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan did not forget to thank the people of Scotland who warmly welcomed them all throughout their production. Caitriona said that nothing would have been possible without them.

However, it is not yet goodbye. Caitriona shares they will definitely be back so the farewell is just for now.

Even though the Droughtlander is further stretched, the hard work of all cast and crew and their mission to give the best show makes waiting for Outlander Season 3 worth it. As of now, fans should just sit back and relax while expecting the rollercoaster ride of emotions to come.


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