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This Is How the Siempo Phone Will Help You Live in the Moment

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This Is How the Siempo Phone Will Help You Live in the Moment
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In this fast-paced world, many people are distracted by their gadgets. To counteract this growing dilemma, Siempo phone is developed to improve our focus on the “now” to live a less distracted life.

Phone for Humans

Many of us have forgotten to live in the moment as we become slaves to technology. Oftentimes, we have let our gadgets take us away from living in the reality. Even when we spend time with our family and friends, our eyes are glued to our phones and tablets and computer screens.

The latest innovations and technologies today have really succeeded in creating fun and immersive features that lead to pulling us away from the now. The team behind Siempo phone wants to remedy that.

That is why they developed for three years what is referred to as the “phone for humans.” Ditching one’s phone in this technology-ruled world will be next to impossible so the team has designed a phone with all the basic, necessary features while keeping it simple and straightforward.

Less Distraction, More Focus

You do not have to be transported back to the medieval times of “dumbphones.” Siempo will have a rear-facing camera (because, admit it or not, having a camera handy is important), maps, email, a light browser and other necessary features.

The new phone, of course, is not made to compete and catch up with all the latest features of the leading smartphones nowadays. Instead, the way this phone is designed is to let the user stay connected with the world while being fully present in the situation.

Siempo offers a less distracting operating system optimized for a smart usage. Its home screen does not have icons that compete for your attention. What it has are functions to get you to what you specifically need without getting sidetracked.

Other features like “pause” let you stay disconnected with the world for a few minutes. “Tempo” will allow you get notifications all at once every 15, 30, or 60 minutes to keep you from reaching for your phone at every notification sound you hear that will eventually push you into the black pit of endless newsfeed scrolling. There are also “back doors” so as not to keep you completely unreachable.

As of now, the team plans to expand the phone’s capabilities. It also has the basic technical specs like WiFi-capability with 2G, 3G, and 4G. It is backed with 1 GHz Quad-core CPU and a minimum of 8GB internal flash memory for its 4-inch high-resolution touch screen.

If you are someone who has problems with maintaining their focus or you simply want to live a less distracting life, Siempo phone will suit you. This handy gadget wants to be so inconspicuous to let you live in the moment.


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