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S U R V I V O R Band Confirms Return on Stranger Things Season 2, More Time in Upside Down

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S U R v I v O R Band Confirms Return on Stranger Things Season 2, More Time in Upside Down
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Halloween is still so far away, and so is Stranger Things Season 2. As the first season’s soundtrack was one of the show’s charms, fans are pleased to know that S U R V I V E, the band behind the series’ impeccable music, will be back.

Same Weird Music To Return

The band members’ Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein has confirmed that they will return to create the score for the second season of the Netflix’s original show. Despite the band’s success and back to back gigs following the popularity of Stranger Things, many are pleased to know that they can still spare some time for the show that made them household names.

According to Dixon, they have not started working on the score yet but they do know that they will probably “stick with a pretty similar thing” especially on the music of Upside Down which is “weird and experimental.” Their approach was actually more like the Alien soundtrack but more monster-focused.

They also confirmed another thing that the viewers will be thrilled about. Dixon added that aside from the “new characters” and “fun,” he hints we will spend more time in the Upside Down. While we got some glimpses of that parallel universe, exploring it more would be welcome, which Dixon hopes would lead them to produce “weirder” music.

What is Next for Stranger Things 2

Speaking of new faces, it was revealed that Paul Reiser of Aliens (1986) and Whiplash (2014) will join the show. But it seems ever since Stranger Things’ popularity skyrocketed, they have worked hard to keep spoilers from leaking that even Reiser is not sure whether he is playing a good guy or a bad guy.

There are also going to be a new sibling duo – Max and Billy. While Max might get close with our resident science geeks, Billy might be a whole different story. But as to how or what will play out, the Duffers keep the information sealed.

Meanwhile, another thing fans are looking forward to is the return of Eleven who disappeared in the last season after killing the Demogorgon. Fans of the psychokinetic girl need not worry as the Duffer Brothers, the show’s creators and co-directors, are hinted a back story to be revealed about El.

In fact, she is going to play a “major part” in Stranger Things Season 2 and hopefully gets some more of her favorite Eggos. As of now, we can just binge-watch and rewatch all eight episodes of the first season to look for unnoticed, yet might be important clues.


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