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New Photo Editing Features in iOS 11

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Historically, iOS has always had a strong track record for providing a good mix of photo editing features. That trend is one that is furthered by the newly released iOS 11 as it builds on the photo editing capabilities of iOS and adds several new features to the mix.

Live Photos

One of the main areas in which iOS 11 has improved its photo editing features is in Live Photos. In the past this feature had several limitations and was situational at best, often requiring third-party apps to get the most out of it.

The main improvement to Live Photos is that it now benefits from the full scope of iOS editing tools. In other words editing tools such as crop, trim, mute, apply filters, or enhance are all available to improve any Live Photo. There are also several new effects that can be applied, namely Bounce, Loop, and Long Exposure.

Additionally it is also possible to select the ‘keyframe’ for each Live Photo, i.e. the main image that appears as the preview. That opens up a new realm of possibilities in terms of using Live Photos instead of conventional photos, as it allows for the best frame from a series to be selected.

New Filters

To build upon its existing editing capabilities, iOS 11 includes three new filters: Vivid, Dramatic, and a new black-and-white filter called Silvertone. Some older filters have been replaced by these new editions, with the promise that the newer versions will provide better images.

Each of the new filters included in iOS 11 can be further enhanced to increase or decrease the warmth of the photo. As such it is possible to select Vivid Warm or Vivid Cool, Dramatic Warm or Dramatic Cool, and so on. Essentially the warm filters have less of a blue tint, while the cool filters have more.

That covers most of iOS 11’s new photo editing features, though it does have several other improvements to its photos and camera in general. Some of these improvements include more intelligent Memories, a better Portrait mode, and new image and video formats that have far better compression.

With the editing capabilities of iOS and the new features that are now included, most minor adjustments could be performed without any third-party assistance. However a more comprehensive photo editor may be needed to use as a blemish remover, or to touch up portraits, delete objects, apply effects, and so on.

All in all however the photo editing features in iOS 11 should not disappoint. In fact they are likely to provide ample new ways in which to improve any photos – especially considering the new additions to Live Photos.


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